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BONDI BORN Australian Made Ethical Sustainable Swimwear Resort Luxury

At Home With Dale McCarthy

Introducing BONDI BORN At Home. We want to share the ways those in our community have adapted to a new routine at home. 

First up we chat to Dale McCarthy, founder of BONDI BORN. 

What is your usual job?

My job is to support the BONDI BORN team keep up with the crazy pace of designing, selling, producing, releasing and marketing our collections in both hemispheres, with one eye on day to day detail and one eye on the future.

What do you eat for breakfast?

On weekdays I’m totally focused on work so breakfast and lunch are just fuel and I’m a bit of a health freak. I drink Welleco Super Elixir shakes and I’m into pro-biotic porridge with almond milk and fresh blueberries. On the weekend, however, I share breakfast with my family so it’s a completely different story; smoked salmon on bagels with crème cheese and capers; avocado on sourdough with fetta, tomato with all the trimmings are our current faves.

What are you doing to stay healthy?

I’ve actually increased by daily activity as my girlfriends area all WFH nearby, so I am squeezing in an hour long walk with someone most days, which, of course, is solely filled with us talking about Covid, but it certainly helps to counter the increase in alcohol and calories I’m consuming every evening!

What’s your go to WFH look?

I absolutely live in our Fluid Drawstring Pants. This fabric is unbelievably soft and comfortable and when I walk in them their flow feels very luxe and stylish. I team them with one of my many Bassike t-shirts (I love their made in Australia quality) and for Zoom chats I dress them up with the matching Universal Shirt and cami.

What are you reading ? And would you recommend ?

Boy Swallows Universe by Trend Dalton. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. It’s probably the best Australian novel I’ve read since Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet. Joel Edgerton has bought the rights to adapt it for TV – can’t wait for that!

What are you watching and would you recommend?

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime. Epic and hilarious tale of a strong woman who struggles against her place in society (and wears a­ luxury wardrobe to die for).

Will the fashion industry change post COVID-19?

I hope so and I think it will. While I believe clothes play an enormous part in our happiness, identity and self-expression I think we will all need to take stock of what’s important and make more conscious decisions about what we are buying. The waste and environmental damage that comes with constant newness and a throw-away culture can’t continue. Buying fewer, better quality, more enduring pieces that are sustainably and ethically produced has to be the way forward.

BONDI BORN Australian Made Ethical Sustainable Swimwear Resort Luxury


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